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2015 is our 5th year teaming up with Be Bold, Be Bald! in our fight against cancer. We're honored to be a part of this experience! Help support our fundraising efforts at: We'll be wearing our bald caps on 10/16/2015!

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We've teamed up with Be Bold, Be Bald! to fight cancer. Sign up, get sponsored and wear a bald cap on 10/17/2014. Don't forget to choose Heaps of Hope, Inc. as your Beneficiary. Get started here: 

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Patients recently helped by Heaps of Hope along with Melinda Taranto Garnis - LICSW (Winchester Hospital)

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Friends Fighting Breast Cancer Event - 2012

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Heaps of Hope Fundraiser 2012

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Be Bold Be Bald 2012

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Maryanne Mooney(left) and Holly Walton at the 2009 Komen 3-Day for the Cure.



Amy Torro

My name is Amy Torro. I am a wife and busy mother of two small girls, ages seven and four. In December 2008, I felt a lump on my left breast and told myself it was nothing and it could wait until after the first of the year. So in January 2009, I went to my OB/GYN and she sent me for a mammogram. That mammogram turned into an MRI, a Cat scan, a bone scan, ultrasound after ultrasound, etc. So on January 26th, I got the call... I had stage 3 breast cancer!!!!

I thought to myself: I am too busy for this! My girls, my husband, my job!!!! Well, they said chemo first, then surgery, then radiation, then reconstruction. I said to myself, I can handle that. So, one by one, I started to chip away at these four things. As time went on, I kept filling prescription after prescription and paying co-payment after co-payment. We could handle it for awhile, and then they started to pile up.

When I spoke to Melinda one day at my oncologist's office, she mentioned Heaps of Hope. I thought: how amazing. She made one phone call to Holly and POOF, my $30.00 co-payment is paid each month. No questions asked!! In addition, Heaps of Hope paid three of my hospital bill co-payments. What a huge relief!!!

I feel so lucky to have been blessed with people around me and my family who is so thoughtful. I hope that someday, after my crazy journey, I will have the ability to give to others the way Holly and Heaps of Hope have given to me and my family. When you go through something so awful, it is amazing to see the new outlook on life because of people like Holly (and Melinda). So Holly, again, words will never express the appreciation we have for you and Heaps of Hope.

Thank you!
-Amy Torro

Friend of Heaps of Hope
I have been a cancer patient since 2007, as well as a grateful recipient of the help I have received from Heaps of Hope. Fighting cancer is a monumental task, at times. There are physical, emotional, and financial struggles along the way. At times, they are manageable. At other times, they are like standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest, looking up just before beginning the climb. It is at these times that Heaps of Hope steps in unselfishly and generously to lend a hand and provide help that patients may need. In my case, I have received financial help, as well as reading materials to help with the emotional aspect of this disease. I remain eternally grateful for this help and feel comforted that I have a place to turn to when I am looking up at "Mt. Everest."